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You can help end climate worsening here and now.

Huh? Is this even possible?

Absolutely! In fact, the DNA in our bodies already uses it! Everything around us and inside us is in perpetual motion because we're at room temperature. Here's a video of what it looks like.

Brownian motion is the key to life, and clean limitless power

I don't know about you, but I'm decently warm. Even if we're both cold, we're still not frozen solid. This means the atoms inside us are moving and shaking around.

If they weren't moving, they'd be frozen in place. We'd be frozen, too.

The fact we're not frozen means the atoms inside us are always in motion. We experience this kind of motion as warmth. In a microscope we can see what warmth is made of. It's called Brownian motion after the botanist who discovered it.

As long as things aren't frozen solid, there is motion all the time! Motion is energy and this energy is all around us, all the time.

So why are we paying for fuel and charging up our phones?

We don't have to anymore once we harness this energy that's always been around us, free for the taking. You can help harness it!

Okay, but how is this going to benefit me?

Not only benefit you, but power your house, charge your phone and run your car

Fuel stinks. Buying it is expensive. Then it runs out. Do you wish for a better way?

Good news! There is!

Everything in the world starts out microscopic, too small to be seen. Just like a beach is made of tiny sand, power is made of many contributions to a common cause. The sun's tiny atoms conspire by the trillions to make sunlight. But one atom by itself can't usually be seen.

Even tiny muscle fibers work together by the millions and move us around. One muscle fiber can barely even twitch. But a billion makes biceps!

Our computers and phones use billions of transistor switches to run the screen. One transistor can't do much by itself. But a billion of them working together let you read this sentence, learn new information, and change your world.

Brownian motion is free energy and it's already everywhere around us. The secret is harnessing these tiny motions together in the same giant amounts that make sand into beaches, let the sun shine, and make our arms move. We use this free motion by collecting each tiny push, by the billions, on a chip the same way our phones harness information by collecting billions of transistors together. Their contribution adds up to something great and powerful.

How exactly does this work?

Like a computer chip making power instead of data

This new power source is made of tiny one-way valves. Each valve contains electrons inside, like a battery does. Electrons are so small that no one's ever seen one, but it can help to picture tiny bolts of lightning that move around.

Electrons shake around and vibrate inside everything around us, already. To create power, we let them vibrate inside a one-way valve. This makes lets the electrons move one way through it, but they can't get back the other way quite as easily. The electrons bunch up on one side more than the other.

This is also what happens in a battery, like the batteries in phones and electric cars. Electrons get bunched up on one side, and can't leave unless they go through the screen and light it up, or through the motor and move the car. Eventually, the battery runs out of bunched-up electrons. There's no more pressure. Then we have to charge it, and pull the electrons back into a bunch again.

When electrons are able to move on their own from the motion they already have through the right one-way valve, this creates the bunching effect of a battery without having to charge it up again and again to do the bunching. It happens by itself, because they aren't frozen and neither are we.

The valves that do this are sold separately, one or two at a time. It is like buying grains of sand, one grain at a time, trying make a beach. The very first computers were made this way too, one valve at a time. The first computers were pretty bad. And still they changed the world.

As time went on those valves were printed by the hundreds, then by the millions and billions, becoming affordable. Each valve handles a tiny bit of information. The valves that act like batteries also handle a tiny amount of power, and they also have to be printed by the billions in order to become something big enough to power your car. When that is done, they too will change the world. Batteries will become as obsolete as typewriters and stone tools.

We won't have to charge our phones anymore. We won't have to charge our electric cars, either. They'll just go.

Wow! When's this happening? Not to be rude but... what's the catch!?

Ready when you are →

Here's the catch. Scientists keep insisting this isn't possible. And by insisting this kind of breakthrough power source is impossible, it stays that way.

An obsolete concept with the important-sounding name of "The Second Law of Thermodynamics" insists this miracle can't be achieved.

It dates back to 1850. Men wore top hats, horse poop clogged the streets, and women couldn't vote. Ideology from an era when light bulbs didn't exist is what's stopping us from enjoying the clean, limitless power we deserve.

And desperately need today.

The one-way valves that deliver this power already exist. They're real.

They're already used in electronic circuits. Anyone can buy them, test them, and see how top hats are funny, women do vote and the power is most definitely there.

Scientists have given us a lot. But right now they're stuck, and the lessons taught in even the best schools could use an update. It's up to me, up to you too, to help prove this. That's why your involvement matters. Arguing about physics won't change the world. Demonstrating this new power source most definitely will. And we can all help with that.

Let's stop the climate worsening right now. Will you enter your email below and join us?

Can you tell me more?

Absolutely! Here are the details →

This video is 42 minutes of detail, showing why this breakthrough is right here right now, how it works, and what we can do to make it happen.

How can I help?

By sharing in a breakthrough opportunity, today →

Your donations will change the world, and they can even pay you back with profit. This might actually be the best part!

You read that right -- with profit.

Now, having said that, I have to burst the bubble -- I can't promise you anything. (It would be illegal for me to do so).

So now I probably look like a free-energy scam.

I'm not. I really do have 3 kids, they'll inherit this Earth like we all have, and I'm putting my face and reputation on this website. I'm for real. This technology is real.

Below is how to contribute. For now, your contributions book as donations. That's all they are right now.

Your contribution helps buy the parts and the technology to build a working model we all can see.

Always on. Zero pollution. Forever.

This progress is you.

This progress shows the scientists who say it can't be done, "We're doing it."

This reminds the government what by the people is supposed to be about. Politicians will never, ever fix this. They're not us.

Only you and I will fix it. When we are all in -- when all of us are working together and contributing a little -- we can count on ourselves to make it happen.

That's a picture of my family below. I'm not here to lie. Between you and me, I accept that I'm accountable to the Good Lord. I'm here to help the world and help us all steward the Earth for generations to come.

When you donate, there's a private list of everyone who stepped up to help. There's no rule against donating back, if this gets big and it comes time to remember those who were there from the start. I think that the people who help the most are people who matter a lot, too. If this grows, I won't forget you.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

Questions? Reach out to me here.

Let's create it! Hop on in! With your help it will happen!

Thank you for being one in a million.

From Our Family to Yours,

Kellan, Maggie, Torben, Graham and Falcon

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